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Related post: Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 21:31:59 -0800 (PST) From: Kirk Landers Subject: Relationships- part 1 (revised)Copyright and Disclaimer: 1. This is a fictional story with fictional characters. 2. No one is to steal this story under nude girl teen porn any circumstances 3. This story deals with relationships and not sex, so if you're looking for a story with alot of sex in it. This isn't the story for you.Well, I thought I would try my luck at doing another series. Hope you all like it.****ALEX**** The gathering was going well. Ray's friends and my friends were getting along well with each other."Hey lime wire teen porn Alex, looks like my friends are getting along pretty well with your friends." Ray said"I know, that's porn teen kyli cool. This was russian lesbian licks teen a great idea Ray." I said"Thank you." Ray repliedThen there was a knock on the door."Who's that?" I asked"I don't know. teen sluts sex porn I thought everyone was here." Ray young teen porn tube saidI looked around to see if any of my friends were not there, but they were all here."Come in!" Ray shouted outThen the door opened and someone walked in."Oh my God." Ray said to himself"Who is it?" I askedRay looked over at me with schooll teen porn movie a worried look...Maybe I should catch you up so you know what's going on...****Two Months Ago**** My name is Alex and I'm just your everyday average kind of guy. 5'11 brown hair, brown eyes, toned body. Well, I'm your everyday average kinda guy who is BI. My life has been pretty good for the most part; I have a great family, friends, and I don't like my job, but it's a good job, it's easy. Everything has been great except for the fact I had never found a true loved one. I guess because I'm kinda a romantic, not your real girly type of romance, but the kind in which I can be gay teen vids with someone and just spend a night at their place or mine and just sitting on the couch holding each other and talking or watching a movie or even sitting by the fire; I'm looking for a someone who would rather spend a night together just holding each other instead of sex, because the way I've always seen it is that a good relationship depends on sex 10% and a bad relationship depends 90% on it. My past relationships have never been real great. They don't last teen couch porn too long, I won't do anything with someone unless I'm in a relationship with them and I won't have sex with them, review teen porn sites unless I love them and well, I've never loved any of them. So, yes I am a virgin in high school. I know, a virgin in teen porn jpg high school is almost unheard of these days, but here I am. I've had girlfriends, I technically had one boyfriend, but it ended very, very badly so I don't even count that as a relationship since I was lied to during the whole thing. asian teen porn pics Since I'm not out to anyone except for a few of my friends, it's been hard ileagl teen porn to even seem availabe to guys, so yes, sometimes I'll admit it, I do go into gay chatrooms. I mean teen porn hot girls what's the harm in it? I just talk to them, but most ussually just want phone sex or cyber sex or somthing like that and I'm not really into that. I never free teen porn trial had any expectations that I would actually meet a guy I might be interested in, but things were about to change. So here I was, bored out of my mind on a Saturday night on the internet. You may be teen reading porn wondering what a high school guy like me is doing home on a Saturday night, well, all my plans free teen porn moviesf of going out with friends went down the toilet when asian porn teen my parents went out and free teen lesbion porn took one car and my sister took our other car out. So I was left stranded and I'm the only one of my friends who can drive. teen tricia porn Since I was bored I decided there was no harm in going to a gay chatroom. thai teen porn thumbs I went in and started talking to some people in there. Talking in chatrooms is kind of fun because there is a sense of mystery as to who the other people are in there and free young porn teen they don't know who I am so I can say whatever I want in a chatroom. Well, I was just chating with people and the conversations were pretty much...well, to gay teen thumbs put it nicely they were lame. So, to entertain me in the mean time I decided to go and look at people's profiles, I came across one that caught my attention. The teen lesbian sex porn screen name was CaliDude491 and his profile was pretty cool because in his hobby section he put down that he liked basketball and basketball was my favorite sport. blonde teen seduction porn He lived in Southern California like I did and just some of the things in his profile just got me kinda interested to talk to him."What the hell." wmv hardcore teen porn I said to bestality porn teen myself and decided to IM him."Hey." I wrote"Sup?" he replied back."Not much. Pretty boring night." I wrote"You said it." he replied"So, I read in your profile you like basketball." I wrote"Hell yea! Basketball is the best." He replied"What's your favorite team?" I asked"Lakers! You?" He asked"Damn! You rule! Lakers are the best!" I wrote"Well, not right now their not. They aren't doing so hot." He replied"Yea, but they'll pick it up. I'm counting on them to have four championships in a row." I wrote"If any team can do it, it's the Lakers." He replied"Damn straight." I wrote. "So, where in Southern California tattooed teen porn do you live?""The LA area. You?" He asked"Same." I replied"Awesome. What's your name?" He asked"Alex. You?" I asked"Ray." He replied"And how old are you?" I asked"19." Ray said"Cool. I'm 17." I wrote"Yea, nice to meet ya Alex." He wrote"Back at you Ray." I replied"So, do you think you want to talk on the phone?" Ray askedHere it comes. He's going to want to have phone sex or somthing."Um, well, I'm not into phone sex or teen sluts porn anything like that." I said"Me neither." Ray replied"Oh." I said feeling stupid."So, do you want to talk on the phone?" Ray asked"Yea." I replied"Cool. My number is (310)394-9602." Ray saidI then picked up the phone and dialed Ray's number."Hello?" a very nice sounding voice said picking up the phone."Is this Ray?" I asked"Yea. Alex?" Ray asked"That's me." I replied"Hey. How you doing?" Ray asked"I'm doing all right." I replied "How about you?""A little nervous to tell you the truth. I don't really talk to people on the phone that I've met online or teen titans anime porn anything." Ray responded"Same here." I replied"So, what do you want to talk about?" Ray asked"Well, what kind of music you into?" I asked"I like all kinds. I like rock, rap, pretty much anything." Ray said "You?""I liked everything except punk rock, teen gay movies heavy rock stuff, and techno." I said"Oh, yea I don't young gay teen boys like techno either." Ray said"Yea, I've just never teen nude pics been able to get into booty teen porn it." I said"Well, I mean there's no real instruments in it." Ray said"Exactly! For good music you got teen tranny porn to teen creampie archives have the drums, guitar and all those instruments." I said"Thank you. Finally somebody see's it my way. Alot of my friends porn per teen like the techno stuff and I just don't know why." Ray said"I know what you mean." I replied"So, what other thing interest you? What kind of movies you like?" Ray asked"All kinds. My favorite are action, comedy, and horror." I said "What about you?""I like action and comedy. I've always been teen porn samle video a wimp during horror movies." Ray said"Really?" I asked"Yea, I think because I walked in on my dad watching one of those Halloween movies when I was 7 and the killer was beth teen porn killing teen sex for money someone and it just scarred me for life." Ray said laughing a little."That's too bad." I said"I know, but I just don't like tiny tit teens to get scared really anyway." Ray said"Well that's understandable." I said"But anyway. Do you have a boyfriend or anything?" Ray asked"No. I've never had a boyfriend before." I said"Really?" Ray asked"Yea, well, I'm still in the closet about being bi, well except for a few close friends, so I don't really seem available to guys or anything." I said"I see." Ray said"Yea, what about you?" I young teen sex pictures asked"I've had three boyfriends before." Ray said"Oh really?" I asked"Yea, two were only about a month long and the gay hardcore teen porn other one went on for about three years." Ray sexy teen porn stars said"Wow, that's a long time." I said"Yea, I know." Ray replied'Why did you two break up? If you don't mind youngest teen porn galleries me asking." I asked"Just later on into the relationship, I've noticed things change about him. He became kinda bitter for some reason and it always seemed as if he had somthing up his sleeve." Ray said"Oh. That's too bad." I replied"Yea, but I was glad when I got out of that relationship." Ray said"That's good then." I saidWe talked some more and it was really nice actually. I didn't think I could have that good of a time talking to a guy on the phone that I met over the internet of all places.****A MONTH LATER**** Things were going good; Ray and I were still talking on the phone and I was actually beginning to like him. I never thought I would fall for a guy off the net. It was around 7:30 PM one night and Ray and I were talking."So, anyway. I was wondering if maybe you yahoo teen porn wanted to meet." Ray said"Are you serious?" I asked"Yea, dead serious. You want to?" chinese teen porn free Ray asked"Um, sure. Yea, actually that sounds fun." I said"Great!" Ray said happily"Wow, calm down there." I said laughing."Cool. So you want to meet this friday?" Ray asked"Sounds like a plan." I replied****FRIDAY NIGHT**** Well, it was the big date night and I couldn't be more nervous. What if I say somthing stupid? This is such a dumb idea. I mean I've seen his pic, but what if it wasn't even his picture, it could be some fat man coming to meet me here in front of the movie theatre."Maybe I should leave." I said to myself, but then I got a tap on my shoulder."Hey Alex." Ray said as our eyes met."Wow." I said outloud "I mean, hey.""What's up?" Ray asked"Not much." I replied"Sorry to keep you waiting. Traffic was bad." Ray said"Oh that's fine." I said"Should be go get our tickets?" Ray askedI was still mesmerized by his good looks. 6 foot tall, brown hair, deep brown eyes, toned."Tickets?" I asked"Yea, movie tickets. The things we use to get into the movies." Ray said smiling."Oh yea." I replied still kinda dazedWe began walking to wait in line."Oh wait! I got tickets!" I said holding them up. "I got you one.""Alex, you didn't have to do that." Ray said"No, it's my pleasure." I replied"But tickets for movies are so expensive now." Ray said"No, Ray it's fine." I said as we went into the theatres.Ray and I went to our seats and started talking."So, teen 3d porn honestly, were you a little nervous about tonight?" Ray asked"Very nervous." I replied "Because this is all very new.""You don't have to be nervous." Ray said putting his hand on mine.I gave him a teen christmas porn smile and we talked some more. The date ended but being really great. We had alot of the same interest, and we talked for most of the movie. After the date was over I went home and stoner teen porn called up my friend, David. David is a great guy, he's straight, he's"How did the date go?" David asked"It went awesome." I said"That's good. gay russian teen porn It's weird that you met him over the internet though." David said"I know. I wouldn't have figured I would do something like this." I said"But at least you had a good time." David pointed out"Yea." I teen porn vagina replied"Are you guys going to go out again?" David asked"I hope so." I said****RAY**** teen porn from amsterdam I called up my friend Jake when I got back to my place. Larry is gay, he's very straight acting though, like me, he's xxx free teen galleries my best friend."So you liked him?" Larry asked"Yea, alot." I replied"That's good then. But you don't teen sleeping porn think your getting into this relationship too quickly do you?" Larry asked"What do you mean?" I asked"Well, it hasn't even been a month since you split up with Jeff." cute porn free teen Larry pointed out"I know, but there's somthing about Alex. It's hard to explain." I said"Just don't rush into this too quickly unless you're sure. Okay?" Larry said"Okay Larry." I replied****ALEX**** Well, the next Friday Ray and I went out on another date. This time we decided to just take a walk and talk and stuff like that."So do you have a job?" Ray asked"I work part time after school free teen porn 60 at a video store." I replied"Fun?" Ray asked"Not at all. It's pretty boring. I started out as the guy who rewinds the videos and then teen skater porn moved my way up to the cash register." I said"You used to be the rewind boy?" Ray japan porn teen asked smiling."Yes." I repliedRay laughed a little."Shut up. Don't laugh." I said amateur teen sex videos smiling"I'm sorry." Ray replied"What do hawiian teen porn you do?" I asked"Family bussiness." Ray said"Care to elaborate?" I asked"It's just boring christmas teen porn stuff." Ray said"I see." I replied"So, black teen pussy tell me." Ray began "Would you rate this as a good second date?""No." I black teen porn pictures repliedRay frowned a little."I would rate this as a great second date." I said"Really?" Ray asked smiling"Yes, really." I replied"Same here." Ray saidIt was night time and we were alone on the beach. naked teen porn pics Ray leaned in and we kissed. It was a very light kiss, tender, I felt his lips brush up against mine and there was only a hint of our tongues touching."So, do you think there will be a third date?" Ray asked"I'm not sure. Kiss me again and I'll let you know." I saidRay leaned in and we kissed some more."Yea, there will definitly be a third date." I saidAnd then we kissed some more.****ONE MONTH LATER**** Well, there was a third date, and a fourth and many other dates and now Ray and I are an exclusive couple. One night I was hanging out at gay teens fucking Ray's apartment we were on my couch kissing. free teen porn vidoesca His lips were so soft and tender, his breath was warm and fresh. I felt as if I could kiss him forever. His hands were holding mine and he then slid his hands free arizona teen porn down my arm.I broke away from teen porn image our kiss for a minute to take a breather."What time is it?" I asked looking at Ray's watch. "Holy Crap! You have a Rolex?""Yea." Ray replied"Damn, that's nice." I said "And expensive.""Not really." Ray said"What do you mean? Is it one of those fake boot leged ones?" I asked"No, it's real." Ray replied"And a real Rolex wasn't expensive for you?" I asked"Alex, I haven't told you, but money isn't really a problem for me." Ray said"What do you mean? Are you a millionaire or interview with teen porn somthing?" I asked jokingly"Pretty much." Ray replied"What?" I asked shocked"Yea, I didn't want to tell you, until you really got to know me for me. Because teen australia porn one of my boyfriends I had just kept trying to use me for money all the time and I made a deal with myself that I wouldn't tell another boyfriend about my wealth until we both got to know each other." Ray replied"Aw man. This is couch teen porn going to put a lot of extra stress on me now." I said"What do you mean?" Ray asked"Well, teen porn pics defloration what if I want to get you a gift?" I asked "I go out and buy you something I think is nice, but to you, it might as well have come from good will or somthing."Alex just smiled and gave me a hug."You're cute when you're girl teen porn stressed." Ray cuban teen porn said"Just shut up and teen porn pages start teen porn star list kissing me some more Mr. Millionaire." I said"Okay." Ray said smiling and began to kiss him some more.****RAY**** I was hanging out in my apartment with Larry and my other friends Thom, Doug, Karen and Lisa"I'm glad you're happy with Alex, but you don't think you moved a little too fast into this relationship?" Karen asked"No. You guys don't understand. I really like him." I said"Do you gay porn teen anal love him?" Thom asked"I don't know. Maybe." I said"Really?" Lisa asked"Well, I don't know. You guys, that's between me and him." I said"I know and we're sorry. We just want to make sure you don't get hurt again like you did last time." Larry said"I know and I appreciate it guys, but really, I'm fine. Maybe if you guys met him you would realize how pointless all this worrying is." I said"Then let's meet him." Lisa said"Well, I have a date tomorrow young teen nude beaches with him so I'll talk to him about it then." I said"You sure?" Doug asked****ALEX****"Yes, you guys I'm sure." I said to my friends David, Cheryl, pretty young teen porn Steve, Blake, and Sue on whether I'm being careful in this new relationship."Well, it's just that the last time you had a boyfriend it didn't go over so well." Cheryl said"Can teen porn piper fawn we please not talk about Dean. He's not in my life anymore." I replied"He's not in anyone's life anymore." Cheryl corrected"Okay, can young teen porn stars we stop talking about him please?" I asked"So, you met this Ray guy on the internet?" Steve asked"Yea, that parts a little weird. I never would have thought that was possible." I said"But are you sure that he's right for you?" Blake asked"What's with the twenty questions?" I asked "If you guys met him then you would see why I like him so much.""I guess you're right." Sue said"Well, when are we going to meet him?" David asked"I don't know." I replied"How porn teen video xxx about underage teen girl porn this weekend?" Steve suggested"Yea, I have nothing going on Saturday." Cheryl said"Okay, chill guys. free xxx teen Let teen adorable lesbian porn me talk this over with Ray first." I said****THE NEXT DAY**** I went over to Ray's apartment nude illegal teen porn for our date. We decided teen blowjob video to just stay in and chill. I knocked on the door and Ray opened it up."Hey baby." Ray said opening the door."Hey you." I said coming inside and then greeting him with a kiss."How was your day today?" Ray asked"It got a lot better now." I said smiling."So, I rented some movies." Ray said"Sounds good." I repliedWe went to the couch and Ray put in a movie and we relaxed together."I have something I want to ask you." Ray said"Oh, yea me too." I replied"Do you want to go first?" Ray asked"No, you go first." I replied"All right, well my friends want to meet you." Ray said"Really?" I asked suprised"Yea." Ray replied"That's funny, because my friends want to meet you too." I replied"Well, maybe we all should just meet together. Have a party or somthin." Ray suggested"Really?" I asked"Yea, why not?" Ray asked"You are very smart." I said giving him a kiss."Thank you." porn gay teen argentina Ray replied "So we can have it here on Saturday.""Sounds good." I said"Awesome." Ray replied****SATURDAY**** Ray and I were at his place when our friends arrived. Everyone came and we all started talking and everything. I was sitting next to Ray when his friends came up to me."Mind if we steal him away for a couple minutes Ray?" His friend Larry said"Oh, I'll be right back." I said getting up and going with his friends to the kitchen."It's nice to finally meet you." Doug said"Thanks. You too." I replied"We just wanted to tell you that Ray is a really great friend of ours and we don't want to see him get hurt." Lisa said"And I don't plan on hurting him." I replied"It's just that his last relationship frree porn teen was a really bad one." Karen said"I know. He told me about that. You guys don't have to worry." I said"All right." Thom said"You're a cool guy Alex. And as long as you stay teen porn zoo this way, you're cool by us." Larry said****RAY****"So, Ray. Kirk is a really good friend of ours." Cheryl said"And since you free bravo teen porn are his boyfriend." Blake began"We want to make sure that this is a healthy relationship." Steve said finishing Blake's sentence"I mean you guys did meet teen sex story on the internet." Sue pointed out"I know, but I really like him. teen girl girls porn Don't worry." I replied"Just please be good to him. He may seem like he's a tough young teen female porn guy, but he can be pretty sensitive too." David said"All right. I promise I won't hurt him or sex teen porn screenshots anything." I said"That's all we wanted to hear." Blake said****ALEX****I went back to the living room where Ray and my friends were and we all just talked and everything. Then Ray and I went into the kitchen.The gathering was going well. Ray's friends and my friends were getting along well with each other."Hey Alex, looks like my friends are getting along pretty well with your friends." Ray said"I know, that's cool. This was a great idea Ray." I said"Thank you." Ray repliedThen there was a knock on the door."Who's that?" I asked"I taiwan teen porn don't know. I thought everyone was here." Ray saidI looked around to see if any of my free teen nipple porn friends were not there, but they were all here."Come in!" Ray shouted outThen the door opened and someone walked in."Oh my God." Ray said to himself"Who is it?" I askedRay looked over at teen porn de me with a worried look..."Ray what's he doing here?" Larry asked coming up to me."Who is it?" I asked"That's beauty free teen porn my ex-boyfriend." Ray saidI looked at him with shock then looked back as his ex-boyfriend walked through the door, through the hall way into the living room of Ray's apartment and back into Ray's life....******************************************************** To Be Continued...Hope everyone enjoyed it. With any comments or feedback or anything please e-mail me at ILJ4EVER44yahoo.com
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